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Simple, Better…

13667_214902767121_504567121_2983833_1335558_nAfter our fifth year of helping small businesses connect and do business here in Georgia we have decided to simplify our website to contain just the things that are most important and most visited.

1. Business Listings:
We get over 100,000 views a month in the business listings.  Georgia Residents and other members looking for reliable, connected business owners to trust for their needs.  If you want to update, add or fix your listing it is all self-serve.
2. News 
This is the news that concerns you the most.  Local Business, Cocktails, Music, Recipes, and Fitness.  Obviously there is no better partner for that thanCert copy BOLD SPICY NEWS. If you would like a press release, article, review, grand opening article, or just a rant;  please send your article requests to our team at Editor@BoldSpicyNews.com .

Feel free to take advantage of the GCC free benefits and discounts and visit one of our many local networking events being produced by us and all of the wonderful supporters of small business everywhere.

Remember Membership is always free and when networking with us only your meal, generally discounted, is paid to the locally owned business owner. Our events are always posted on our Facebook Group Calendar.